Campsites at Fisherman's Point

Fishermans Point Campsite MapCampsites are listed below in numerical order with picnic shelters at the bottom of the page. Clicking on a campsite allows you to view detailed information and photos to assist in making the right site choice for your stay. Campsites are $25 per day or $150 per week.

Campsites 20A and 20 B are designated as a group site; there are two picnic tables but only one fire pit.  

Campsite 49 is the only campsite that does not have electric hook-up.

Seasonal sites are not available to reserve.

Rules & Regulations




Shelter #1 - Field - No overnight camping

There is no overnight camping at the shelters.

This is a shelter

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December 2017
  Shelter #1 - Field - No overnight camping12 3456789 10111213141516 17181920212223 24252627282930 31
January 2018
  Shelter #1 - Field - No overnight camping123456 78910111213 14151617181920 21222324252627 28293031
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